Happy Together.

On working with your spouse.

Wendy and I have worked together pretty steadily for over 27 years.

It’s all I know. We met when Grunge and the internet were still new and beautiful. She was a young designer just out of SCAD transplanted to grey old Seattle. I was a ne’er-do-well long haired punk working a graveyard shift at a Kinko’s Desktop Publishing Computer Center.

Happiness is radical.

Q&A has been celebrating the International Day of Happiness for several years by delivering Girl Scout cookies to our clients and friends. We’re not able to do that today. But as we all try to wade through this pandemic together, it’s our conviction that carving out a few minutes to experience a little joy sticks it right in the eye of this pernicious virus (though technically viruses don’t have eyes).

CNY11 : Year of the Dog Party

Our 11th annual Chinese New Year bash was a howl. The pack gathered. Tails wagged. Perhaps butts were sniffed, but I admit to nothing.  Much General Tsao’s chicken was consumed. And all our booze was gone by the end of the night. And nobody ended up in the pound. I call that a win.


Let me begin by stating I’m not here to be controversial and I think we can all talk about this like adults. So. The new Star Wars? It was dumb. I could do better.

NOT IN THE FACE! NOT IN THE FACE! Settle down. Thank you. I owe you an explanation on this your people’s sacred holiday.

Lots of people liked this movie. People I respect seemed to like it. I am at a loss. I find this inexplicable. Enjoying the new Star Wars takes the same mental back flips for me as accepting Donald Trump as a statesman. I am dumbstruck with the dumbness of it. There must be something dark and shriveled in my soul. Because, no sir. I did not like. Not one bit.

The Type of Old Broadway

We rarely consciously take notice of the swarm of words and letters on buildings or signage anymore. Yet inextricably linked to how we communicate and nearly invisibly infused into our culture is type design. Take a walk down one of the most famous avenues in the world and see an entire new story told by Author Gabriella Garcia as she treats us to a fascinating and thorough review of 13 miles of type faces along Broadway.

CNY8 : Year of the Sheep Party

Our 8th annual Chinese New Year bash was wooly and wild. Thanks to all that flocked to our studio to partake. This year we finally managed to find the right balance of General Tsao’s chicken to Dragon Punch and didn’t run out of the latter and have to give out the former on the street at 4am.