CNY2012: Year of the Dragon Party Portraits

No more General Tsao’s Chicken, please! Other than me OD’ing on Chow Mein, the inscrutable General’s chicken, and Dragon Punch (thanks goes to Charina Pitzel for the recipe: 1 part Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, 2 parts ginger ale, 1 part unsweetened cranberry juice, add lime wedges) our party was a hit. Thanks to everybody who came. It was great fun.

Below the fold is the gallery of our portrait shots (thanks to Mike Anitas at Vine Studios). We totally expect to see these in the party-poop section in the back of Details magazine.

Stop being beige

When I was a kid in the 70s in Melbourne, Florida, there was a house where the owners painted huge murals of 19th century nautical scenes. The entire house was the painter’s canvas. I cherished the times we drove by that house. I thought it was beautiful. And you never knew when it would get repainted into a new battle scene.

I remember hearing that the neighbors hated it and people complained. And then one day we drove by and it was all white with green shutters. I don’t know if the owners moved away or were pressured to conform.

Become a Joe Bar-barian

As anybody who is a Facebook friend of ours will know Wendy and I spend an unnatural amount of time at a Capitol Hill café called the Joe Bar. It’s around the corner from our house. While staggering distance to home is always important for a good hangout, that’s not why we go there — two, three times a day. (Foursquare still reports that neither Wendy or I are Mayor of Joe Bar. Which is statistically impossible. Except the Joe Bar inspires loyalty like no other café in town.) Across the street from the Harvard Exit movie theater in the landmark Loveless building, the Joe Bar has evolved into a crucial neighborhood nexus.