The more you know : Interview with Todd

A q&a “Q&A” with Todd.

1. From where do you hail? The basic facts.
Everywhere. I grew up an Army Brat. So we lived all over the South, Central America, the UK… I was conceived in Vietnam. I’m an international project.

2. In twenty words or less describe the coolest thing you can remember about where you grew up and your childhood.
I remember feeding the giant iguanas and coatimundi in our yard in Panama. By “yard” I mean the jungle.

3. Give us a sketch of your professional life and proudest professional achievements.
I started in the film business. And while I was starving to death waiting for my next job, I bought a mac and began type setting posters for rock bands and experimenting with all the new software. Simultaneously I scored a graveyard gig for Kinko’s doing their desktop publishing work right at the beginning of the digital production revolution. It was a crash course in layout and production. I immediately got poached by Cole & Weber to do production for this brand new thing called The Internet. One of the first people in Seattle doing HTML. My proudest achievement to date is helping start Quesinberry and Associates. Helping keep our happy little ship here afloat and profitable for nearly 20 years is an amazing achievement, I think.

4a. How do you express your creativity, personally.
Most my creativity is spent at work. I like to write a little. And I love working out. Do they count?

4b. Is there a particular piece of art, book, movie or music that you really love, that you insist on sharing with people close to you? What is that?
The original Planet of the Apes is the best movie ever made. Bar none. I will fight anybody that says otherwise!

5. Coolest thing you’ve done or maybe something you’d like to maybe brag about.
I get to do a great deal of traveling. And got to live in the UK as a kid. Also for many years I trained in various martial arts and boxed. I coached and taught a little. Fought in a few tournaments. But getting punched in the face started to lose its allure after the age of 45 or so.

6. Favorite place or travel experience – tell us about what and where that is and why you love it.
Two. One being the west coast of Ireland around the Aran Islands was like right out of J.R.R. Tolkien. And Siem Reap in Cambodia. Cambodia was so beautiful and peaceful (ironically). Seeing ancient temples that have no allegory in western civilization was incredible.

7. Favorite food and as a bonus maybe your “go-to” meal.
Mushroom risotto and broiled salmon.