Ancient Objects Uncovered

Excavating the mysteries of the design past. While excavating in our server room, our team of Design Archaeologists (it’s a thing) uncovered curious objects from the distant past. The team brought these forth to Wise Old Elders for identification. “Bring them here, to the light.” said the First Elder, as she stood in a shaft […]

Happy Together.

On working with your spouse.

Wendy and I have worked together pretty steadily for over 27 years.

It’s all I know. We met when Grunge and the internet were still new and beautiful. She was a young designer just out of SCAD transplanted to grey old Seattle. I was a ne’er-do-well long haired punk working a graveyard shift at a Kinko’s Desktop Publishing Computer Center.

Sibling Support Project : Identity

The Sibling Support Project was the first organized program to address concerns of siblings to those with special health, developmental, and mental health concerns. This international organization is dedicated entirely to recognizing and promoting the important roles that siblings play in their families and communities, as well as creating opportunities for brothers and sisters of all ages to receive the information and resources they need to support their families and themselves.

Happiness is radical.

Q&A has been celebrating the International Day of Happiness for several years by delivering Girl Scout cookies to our clients and friends. We’re not able to do that today. But as we all try to wade through this pandemic together, it’s our conviction that carving out a few minutes to experience a little joy sticks it right in the eye of this pernicious virus (though technically viruses don’t have eyes).

The International Day of Happiness

What makes us happy? Here at Q&A on our Second Annual International Day of Happiness, and we took a little informal survey on the things that make us happy and why. Take some time today and reflect on what makes you happy.   Wendy Quesinberry I got this little bear when I was six. Every […]

The International Day of Happiness

Since 2013, the UN has celebrated the International Day of Happiness. This day recognizes the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. In 2015 the United Nations launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals that seek to end poverty, reduce inequality, and protect our planet—three key aspects that lead to well-being and happiness. […]

CNY11 : Year of the Dog Party

Our 11th annual Chinese New Year bash was a howl. The pack gathered. Tails wagged. Perhaps butts were sniffed, but I admit to nothing.  Much General Tsao’s chicken was consumed. And all our booze was gone by the end of the night. And nobody ended up in the pound. I call that a win.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Stairclimb:
Why we climb
by Wendy Quesinberry
Principal, Q&A

“This is either going to be a great idea or a terrible idea.” Jeff Barlow said to me. The acclaimed designer was starting a new chapter in his career and wanted to hand off the design baton for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Annual Stairclimb. The timing was right, and I accepted the challenge. It had been 10 years since my sister Avis lost her battle with cystic fibrosis. I had tried to volunteer with the foundation prior to this moment, but being reminded of the loss was too much.

PayQwick : Awareness Campaign

PayQwick was the first federally registered money services business for the recreational marijuana industry, beginning their operations in Washington state in 2015 and moving into Oregon in 2016. Their platform addresses the need for a safe, secure and legal system of marijuana commerce. Without PayQwick, retailers and producers / processors are saddled with cash only transactions and struggle with the issue of holding large amounts of cash on site, making them a target for robbery. Paying bills and taxes is also a difficult process, requiring individuals to physically deliver cash, a nightmare for both the payer and the recipient. Plus, carrying around smelly cash gets some raised eyebrows.