The more you know : Interview with Alfredo

A q&a “Q&A” with Alfredo.

1. From where do you hail? The basic facts.
I was born in the Philippines and came to San Francisco when I was 3 years old. I was a native of SF until 2015 when I moved up to Seattle with my husband Brian.

2. In twenty words or less describe the coolest thing you can remember about where you grew up and your childhood.
I remember my grandfather would let my ride the water buffalo through the rice fields where he was a farmer in the Philippines.

3. Give us a sketch of your professional life and proudest professional achievements.
I have worked in a variety of industries from sales, to health care, to hospitality to marketing. Each position I have held has improved the quality of my customer service skills. One of my proudest moments was as a Catering Services Manager, and seeing all the events and weddings come together after months and months of planning.

4a. How do you express your creativity, personally.
I enjoy cooking and dancing. Figuring out a great meal and coming up with how to plate it well is fun for me. Dancing is a great way to let loose and have fun with the beat of the music.

4b. Is there a particular piece of art, book, movie or music that you really love, that you insist on sharing with people close to you? What is that?
I would say being the child of the 80s, I love me some Paula Abdul. My parents bought my sister and I her album on tape and became our go-to tape to listen to. She had great lyrics and beats that we made up our own dances to — at least Side A of the album.

5. Coolest thing you’ve done or maybe something you’d like to maybe brag about.
I mean riding a water buffalo in the Philippines is pretty cool, but I am also ordained and having to officiate over a friend’s wedding as Supreme Goddess is something to brag about.

6. Favorite place or travel experience – tell us about what and where that is and why you love it.
Going to Europe for the first time in 2014. I had never been there and loved every moment, especially Paris; with all the rich history, food and of course the Eiffel Tower. It was also were I got engaged at the Pont de l’Archevêché to my husband Brian overlooking the Notre Dame. It was such a magical and surreal experience!

7. Favorite food and as a bonus maybe your “go-to” meal.
My favorite is always Japanese food! Miso hungry for tempura and sushi! My “go-to” is roasted veggies and grilled chicken.