Worktank: Celebrating 20 years

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A 20th anniversary is an important milestone for a business—with this particular anniversary being significant for Q&A as well. We were there for the 01.01.01 launch, designing the inaugural identity and business materials.

For this special occasion, Worktank planned to spend a year building up the excitement, celebrating their team, their clients, and their legacy. Preliminary discussions began in late 2019, with the year-long marketing plan in place February 2020.

Worktank develops and manages complete end-to-end virtual experiences. And on the eve of a global pandemic, they were uniquely positioned to help companies hit the ground running in their upcoming hour of need. The already busy roster exploded with new work by April.

Celebrations were pushed aside as we all collectively adjusted to a quarantine—communicating from our living rooms, kitchen tables, or closets for privacy. Q&A pivoted focus as well, working with Worktank leadership on a detailed audit of their internal materials. We aimed our attention on brand evolution, developing organizational materials to help their team do their best while putting in long hours under intense pressure.


Worktank Brand Materials

Virtual Experiences. Dynamic Connections.

Longtime Worktank clients already understood the ins and outs of streaming events, but as a virtual world became the norm, a wider group of companies needed the help of an expert. Those new to it weren’t as knowledgeable in the process or confident being on camera. They needed the guidance of Worktank’s seasoned team.

Our brand strategy hinged on the concept of dynamic connections that can happen in a virtual environment: They can happen in the hands of Worktank. We created content for pitch documents, presentations, and a best practices guidebook, as well as developing internal communications that solidified Worktank’s values and goals and provided a rally cry.

After 18 months of incredible output, it was time to celebrate. Worktank’s team gathered in person for the first time in over a year, taking a boat cruise through Seattle’s waterways to relax and reconnect. Q&A set the stage with branded towels and sunglasses for the joyful selfies that were bound to happen on that beautiful, sunny day.

After soaking in the Vitamin D, the team was off to dinner, each person greeted with a branded package that included a hooded rain shell, zippered jacket, t-shirt, zippered pouch with stationery products, and tumblers—all enclosed in a heavy-duty computer backpack.

At the end of the evening, we received a text: “Everything is a huge hit! You knocked it out of the park!”