PayQwick : Awareness Campaign

PayQwick was the first federally registered money services business for the recreational marijuana industry, beginning their operations in Washington state in 2015 and moving into Oregon in 2016. Their platform addresses the need for a safe, secure and legal system of marijuana commerce. Without PayQwick, retailers and producers / processors are saddled with cash only transactions and struggle with the issue of holding large amounts of cash on site, making them a target for robbery. Paying bills and taxes is also a difficult process, requiring individuals to physically deliver cash, a nightmare for both the payer and the recipient. Plus, carrying around smelly cash gets some raised eyebrows.

The PayQwick sales team struggled with credibility from business owners who assumed their only choice was the traditional route—banks. This campaign focused on elevating the creative and messaging, creating awareness within the marijuana industry and warming the leads for the sales team.

The email campaign generated a 16.5% increase in average open rates. An A/B test setting the previous art against the new campaign saw a dramatic 775% increase in the click through rate.

  • Brand Development
  • Integrated Campaign Development
  • Content Strategy & Copywriting
  • On-site Custom Photography Direction
  • Print Design & Management
  • Email Design & Development


Awareness Campaign Postcards


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