CHERISH: A joyful new brand

  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Logo Refresh
  • Tagline Development
  • Business Development Materials
  • Swag and Wearables Collection

CHERISH is a healing-centered Early Support program at Kindering that promotes social and emotional development of young children involved in the child welfare system. They are expanding services statewide through training and technical assistance to other Early Support agencies, and needed help with the new exposure. These are people and work that we at Q&A very much believe in and support.


Our Approach

We began the project with a series of input meeting with the CHERISH team as well as an audit of existing materials—including creating a site map of the legacy website. This assessment gave us several key insights:

  • The organization had a strong, established awareness and is well-respected throughout King and neighboring counties in Western Washington. We wanted to build upon that foundation rather than blow it up and start over.
  • The legacy tagline defined the acronym. There was an opportunity for it to perform more of the heavy lifting, providing a larger umbrella to encompass their story as they expanded services statewide.
  • The website needed an organizational sweep and a copy strategy for user flow, to lead their audiences (individual providers, child caregivers, and governmental agencies) through the site and to the information most important to their needs.



To give the logo more visual density and a stronger presence, the delicate line weights were thickened and color was shifted to a deep purple. This increased flexibility for print and digital uses, helping readability—especially when used at smaller sizes.

For the tagline, our team worked with a committee composed of CHERISH staff, providers, and child caregivers. Through surveys and a series of Zoom meetings, we were able to see the organization from their point of view. Their input was strongly emotional. It was clear that everyone involved considered the organization a critical component in the well-being of foster children—an impression we wanted to reflect in the tagline.

The website required the largest overhaul. CHERISH is at the forefront of infant and toddler mental health in foster child care. Helping them communicate their message while creating a warm, welcoming portal was paramount. We began compiling an image collection that reflected the positive outcomes experienced within their program. A much-needed dose of joy was infused. Top-level messaging was developed to reflect big ideas, with testimonials supporting the successes. We further funneled content into the three respective audience channels, helping to quickly guide users to pertinent content while reducing information overload.

Additional materials were created to reinforce the brand and help with expansion efforts including presentation decks, branding materials, and wearables.



Feedback on the final deliverables was overwhelmingly positive. Quotes on the new website design include:

“The website is looking amazing.” —CHERISH Staff

“I’m so glad you’re supporting this project. Overall, I thought the website was beautiful! Easy to navigate, pretty to look at, and helpful structure.” —CHERISH-Trained Therapist

“I think it’s wonderful. As a foster parent it helps to locate services available for me and my family. GREAT JOB!” —Foster Parent

Visit their new site here.