Recognition: Q&A receives a silver from the 2022 Davey Awards

Quesinberry and Associates received a silver Davey Award for the logo designed for the Sibling Support Project.

About the Project  The Sibling Support Project was the first organized program to address concerns of siblings to those with special health, developmental, and mental health concerns. This international organization is dedicated entirely to recognizing and promoting the important roles that siblings play in their families and communities, as well as creating opportunities for brothers and sisters of all ages to receive the information and resources they need to support their families and themselves.

After 30 years, the Sibling Support Project was ready to refresh their identity and create a strong presence that seamlessly married into their parent org, Kindering. Q&A narrowed in on the concept of monumental strength achieved when people come together—forming a structure that uplifts and provides stability for those who may need help navigating their role within their family and community. Letterforms were altered to create an architectural framework that nestles and hugs the typography, while modified “i’s” are a nod the individuals supported from childhood on through adulthood.

About the Awards The Davey Awards are the first major awards competition specifically for smaller agencies—honoring the best small shops worldwide.