Jennifer Hill

In a city that is growing more and more populated with imports, Jen is an OG Pacific North Westerner. Born and raised in the lumber town of Longview Washington, Jen has a true love of all that is PNW. From hiking, picking wild berries, and camping at Mt St Helens Spirit Lake (where her dad once chartered a plane to fly around the now famous volcano so the family could get a good gawk), to canoeing crystal clear lakes and basking on the sandy beaches of the Columbia River (yes, you can bask on the shores of the Columbia. In July and August).

Bio Continued:

She graduated Western Washington University with a Communications degree and spent many years working though every hat possible in film and video production.

Jen has impressive senior leadership experience at several agencies, spearheading client and project management and overseeing interactive, creative and content production and development for clients like Amazon, Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, eBay, PayPal, and BMW. She has assembled and led diverse teams through often uncharted territory to success.

But when she’s not doing all that we imagine she’s out there in the woods scouting for wild beasts or plaster casting Big Foot foot prints (Jen wants me to tell you that she does not believe in Big Foot. But don’t get her started on D/B. Cooper…). OG PNW 4EVR!!