Izzy Oliveira

This is Izzy Oliveira. This young Seattle native is a tireless dynamo who does everything around the office from scaling ladders like a cat while balancing file boxes to cheerfully answering phones and crafting illustrations. Izzy isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and has been a working stiff since they were sixteen.

Bio Continued:

Izzy was the youngest student ever at Gage Academy’s studio arts intensive in 2019–2020. They completed the prestigious expert-led year long program acquiring experience in printmaking, classical oil painting, sculpture, portraitdrawing, and figure drawing. Izzy’s own art is spectacular.

“When I was a kid I created a little natural history museum out of some bones that my grandparents had given to me and that I had found. I made a display for them and would sit on the front steps and talk to people who walked by. After a year or two the entire street more or less knew what I did and would give me bones and assorted feathers, eggs, nests, skulls, fossils, etc. I still have all of those things today.”

Izzy has the patience of a saint. We subject Izzy to our old-people music and they don’t even roll their eyes.

When Izzy isn’t working, they enjoy preparing starch-rich meals, studying the intricate mosaics of plants and leaves, and sculpting, drawing, collaging, or painting.