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JayMarc Homes : Welcome Kit


JayMarc Homes : Welcome Kit

JayMarc Homes specializes in building custom luxury homes in the cities of Bellevue and Mercer Island, Washington. Their homes are meticulously crafted to take advantage of space, flow and the beautiful Northwest views. Many of their buyers are new to the Northwest and these unique communities, and JayMarc saw firsthand that the stress of buying a new home doesn’t just vanish when a seller hands over the key. They wanted to create a welcome that could help settle the nerves of new buyers and reinforce JayMarc’s commitment to their buyers and community.

Our Strategy : Gifts are the Best Welcome

You first walk into these luxury homes immediately invokes a sense of delight. We began with the question: How can we reflect the same style and elegance of a JayMarc home in a welcome kit?

  • With the “unboxing” trend, packaging design has moved beyond the store shelves. Memories are made when a company takes the extra step of presenting an experience rather than just showing up with some glossy sheets. To reinforce the thoughtful care of the JayMarc brand, the package included a triple-wrapped ribbon closure with handcrafted charms of Washington State and a small metal ornament stamped with the word “home.”
  • Even in the age of the Internet, learning about your community is best done at street level through the eyes of locals. The Welcome Kit included curated lists of popular neighborhood retailers, restaurants and municipal amenities that a newcomer might need. A moving checklist was another bonus.

The Welcome Kit gave JayMarc Homes an opportunity to bolster and cement their brand throughout the entire marketing chain — a final touchpoint often overlooked in the customer experience.


JayMarc Homes – Welcome Kit Inside Panels



JayMarc Homes – Welcome Kit Inside spread